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Get to Know Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist, working and studying in the field for nearly a decade. To me there is nothing more important than serving humanity and assisting people in finding their purpose. Healing through talk therapy is my life's work and I consider it a privilege to take part in one's journey.


I have years of experience in this field working with all ages around relationship issues, interpersonal conflict, trauma, anxiety, and depression. In addition to individual therapy, I see couples and families. I specialize in Relational Therapy, Attachment Disorders and difficulties with Intimacy. I also dedicate a majority of my practice to clients who identify as LGBTQ and also clients struggling with disordered eating. My practice is broad as I am open to working with clients of various backgrounds in pursuing their goals. I understand that time is precious to many of my clients, so I also offer phone or Skype sessions.


I am always eager to discuss the needs of new clients seeking therapy. If for any reason I can't meet your needs, I will gladly provide referrals!

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